Ne555 Chip Time Delay Relay Module Single Steady Switch Time Switch 12V

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Description: 1

Maximum Control Equipment 2000W 9



Adjustable delay time, 0-10 seconds 4

At this time, the state of output terminal of relay is normally open and public conduction, often closed and public disconnection as long as the module is continuously powered, this state will be maintained

Controllable 220V/10A AC equipment

Delay time formula T 1.1RC

For example capacitance 100uF resistance 100KT 1.1 100000 0.0001 11 seconds Feature Size 6.8CM x 2.1CM Main chip NE555 Working Voltage 12V DC Package Included 1 x NE555 Chip Time Delay Relay Module


Increasing capacitance C1 can increase delay time 6

Increasing potentiometer can increase delay time 5

Indicator lamp with input power supply 7

It has relay continuous current protection

Put on the power relay and delay suction

Specifically after supplying 12V power supply to relay, relay will not absorb immediately

Suction indicator with relay 8

The state of output terminal of relay is normally open and public disconnect, normally closed and public conduction when the delay is 1-10S adjustable the relay sucks