Accuform Mbhz513Va, Sign "infectious Agent Entrance Requirements"

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Accuform, MBHZ513VA, 10" x 14" Aluminum Biohazard Sign: "Infectious Agent Entrance Requirements" Warn of a biohazard, identify name of infectious agent, and name the person responsible

All Aluminum signs feature Accuform's TedLex 8482 liquid-based UV-protective coating, included at no charge

Aluminum is excellent for indoor and outdoor usage, making it ideal for a wide variety of industrial-strength applications

Aluminum signs provide the strength of metal, yet never rust

Aluminum withstands wash downs, harsh elements, and abuse.

Biohazard header and bright orange color call attention to danger Large biohazard symbol is easily recognized to mean danger Identify the infectious agent and restrict access to area Identify person responsible for agent and their contact information Aluminum VA Aluminum withstands wash downs, harsh elements, abusive conditions, and features good chemical, abrasion, and impact resistance

TedLex 8482 is perfect for indoor and outdoor use, prevents fading, and resists chemicals, abuse, and graffiti